The Corporate Governance principles that guide the operations of OrotonGroup Limited (subject to Deed of Company Arrangement)(the “Consolidated Entity”) are detailed in this statement. OrotonGroup and the board are committed to achieving and demonstrating the highest standards of corporate governance. These standards are based on the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations.

The ASX principles that have been adopted are outlined below. Where an alternative approach has been adopted, this is outlined within the relevant section. All these practices unless otherwise stated, were in place for the entire year.

Download OrotonGroup’s Corporate Governance Statements here.  

Select a Principle below for full details.

Principle 1 – Lay solid foundations for management and oversight

Principle 2 – Structure the board to add value

Principle 3 – Promote ethical and responsbile decision making

Principle 4 – Safeguard integrity in financial reporting

Principle 5 – Make timely and balanced disclosure

Principle 6 – Respect the rights of shareholders

Principle 7 – Recognise and manage risk

Principle 8 – Remunerate fairly and responsibly