The ASX Corporate Governance Council states that a company should “act ethically and responsibly”.

Ethical Standards

All Directors, Officers and Employees are expected to perform their duties professionally and act with the utmost integrity and objectivity, striving at all times to enhance the reputation and performance of OrotonGroup and its brands.

The Board oversees the identification, implementation of procedures and development of policies in respect of the maintenance of appropriate ethical standards. OrotonGroup has a Code of Conduct, which sets out the standards as to how Directors and Employees of OrotonGroup are expected to act. Employees are required to read the updated Employee Code of Conduct in the performance of their duties and to sign an acknowledgement stating that they have read and understood this document. The intention of this Code of Conduct is to provide stakeholders with the opportunity to communicate any areas of concern over potential acts of misconduct.

Dealings in OrotonGroup shares by Directors, Officers and Employees

The Constitution permits Directors to acquire shares in OrotonGroup. OrotonGroup’s policy prohibits Directors, officers and certain employees, who might be aware of price sensitive information about OrotonGroup from dealing in OrotonGroup shares 6 weeks before each annual and half year financial period ends and 24 hours after the release of the annual or half year results announcement, provided that outside of these periods they are not in possession of price sensitive information.

Directors must notify the Company Secretary and Chairman before they sell or buy shares in OrotonGroup. In accordance with provisions of the Corporations Act 2001 (Clth) and the Listing Rules of the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), Directors or their related entities advise the ASX of any transaction conducted by them in buying or selling any shares in OrotonGroup.

Ethical Compliance

OrotonGroup is dedicated to ensuring that all its products are manufactured in accordance with local and internationally accepted labour, environmental and employment laws. OrotonGroup is also dedicated to ensuring that manufacturing occurs under working conditions that meet legal standards and without the use of child, forced or prison labour.