OrotonGroup Diversity Policy Objectives

OrotonGroup believes in the value and benefit of attracting and retaining a diverse workforce and as such are committed to actively supporting diversity across all levels of the organisation. We view diversity as recognising and valuing the unique contribution people can make due to their individual background and the different skills, experiences and perspectives they bring to the team and the Group as a whole, enabling a well rounded work environment and customer experience. We recognise that individuals differ not only due to their race and gender; however they differ across various dimensions including lifestyle, educational background, physical ability, age and carer responsibility.
At OrotonGroup, we value diversity and we encourage and welcome individuals from all backgrounds to join our Group and enjoy a rewarding career with us. To support and promote this, we have several initiatives, activities and programs in place to drive diversity and inclusion, including:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Policies and Programs based on ability, performance and potential
  • Awareness and education on the areas of discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying, stereotyping and unconscious bias
  • Recruitment and selection practices (at all levels of the organisation) that are focused on measureable criteria, with an intent to consider a diverse range of candidates and for decisions to be based on merit, performance and potential
  • Implementation and support of flexible work arrangements to enable our employees to meet family, carer and personal responsibilities
  • Remuneration practices and decisions that are based on clear, measurable and fair principles at all levels of the organisation
  • Decisions affecting our employees to be made factoring in individual needs and differences
  • Promotion of our Group core values of passionate, creative, courageous, innovative, curious and determined, to drive an inclusive workplace culture which is fair, equitable and desirable for all our current and future employees
  • Provide a safe and healthy workplace free of harassment of any kind with no tolerance for inappropriate behaviours or conduct
  • 12 week paid parental leave scheme offered across the organisation  with the recent introduction of superannuation contributions for such leave

The Board is committed to gender diversity and have directed management to ensure a culture of diversity is ingrained in the Directors, Officers and Employees of OrotonGroup via internal policies and programs set out above.
The respective portion of men and women across the organisation are disclosed below.

 OrotonGroup Diversity Facts as at 2015

OrotonGroup remains proud of our strong female participation rates across the organisation as a whole and specifically in senior executive and management positions. We remain focused on increasing representation at the senior management and board level. As a measure of gender diversity, the following table discloses the organisation figures as at 25 July 2015:

Positions % of women % of men
Directors 17 83
Senior Executives * 60 40
Management ** 72 28
Total Group 86 14

*includes direct reports of the CEO
**includes all employees in a management position across retail and head office