The ASX Corporate Governance Council states that a company should “respect the rights of its security holders by providing them with appropriate information and facilities to allow them to exercise those rights effectively.”

Communications with Shareholders

OrotonGroup has adopted a Shareholder Communications Policy which requires OrotonGroup to communicate information effectively, to facilitate participation in shareholder meetings and deal with shareholders’ inquiries in an open and helpful manner, within the constraints of its continuous disclosure obligations. Details of the Shareholder Communications Policy can be found on the OrotonGroup website at
Information is communicated to shareholders through:

  • The OrotonGroup Annual Report;
  • The Annual General Meeting;
  • The Interim Report (6 months results report);
  • Results announcements and press releases;
  • OrotonGroup website, which has a dedicated investor relations section

The Board’s strategy to promote effective communication with shareholders is as follows:

  • All announcements made to the market and all related information (such as information provided to analysts or media during briefings) are placed on the OrotonGroup website at immediately after they have been released to the ASX;
  • The full text of all Notices of Meetings and explanatory material are placed on the OrotonGroup website at
  • Investors are invited to the Annual General Meeting and participation is encouraged.
  • Investors are able to communicate with OrotonGroup via our website, including posing questions for consideration at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Investors are encouraged to opt to receive communications from OrotonGroup and its share registry electronically

The OrotonGroup website, includes the financial reports for the last 12 years and major announcements from January 2006.