OrotonGroup is committed to understanding and minimising any adverse impacts our operations, products or people have on the environment.  OrotonGroup recognises that acting in a responsible and sustainable manner improves social and environmental returns and can also enhance long-term investor value.

We work towards our objectives by:

  • Maintaining high standards of honest, ethical and legal business behaviours at all times.
  • Complying with all applicable international and Australian laws, regulations and statutory obligations relating to environmental issues
  • Engaging with our international and domestic suppliers to improve the sustainability performance of our supply chain
  • Reporting to the Board from time to time on environmental performance, including, if any, instances of regulatory non-compliance and opportunities to enhance our sustainability performance
  • Conserving resources used by the Company in the execution of the Company’s business including the maintenance of an effective energy conservation strategy wherever possible

Ethical Supply Chain

All Oroton products are made by reputable manufacturing partners in factories that comply with international labour and environmental laws and by workers who work fair but not excessive hours and are provided with a safe, hygienic work environment.

As an international luxury leather based brand, Oroton’s design team uses natural hides and plant based materials in many Oroton collections.  Oroton is committed to the ethical treatment of animals and works only with those internationally renowned suppliers and experts who uphold the highest standards.

Oroton produces products and sources materials from all over the world, together with our overseas partners we work in and source from Australia, Italy, Germany, Korea, Vietnam, China and India. This includes our much loved Italian leathers.

OrotonGroup is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant (formerly called the National Packaging Covenant) and is committed to minimising and optimising the packaging we produce for our products as well as the packaging used for our deliveries.

As a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC), OrotonGroup is committed to the Covenant’s goals and targets, and to making a difference to minimise the environmental impacts of packaging.

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To view the Oroton Ethical Sourcing Code and Supplemental Standards please click here.